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B.E.A.T.! ☆ Café [02 Oct 2007|11:43pm]

I figured some of you would be interested, I'd like to share with you all a new internet Jpop girlgroup community!

B.E.A.T.! ☆ Café

We are a small girlpop group who does Jpop numbers from all sorts of musical Japanese names and groups: Primarily Hello!Project, but many, many others as well.

Members and fans here can expect single covers, compilations, interviews, comic strips, and much more. =]
This is a fun place for fun music and cute things. n.n

Please do check us out! Auditions are being held, hope to see people there. n.n-

-seramew, group leader and coordinator. &hearts
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[25 Jul 2006|02:41am]
I'm not strong at religion but I know what we must "Prey" to! Did anybody play this game? I know that nobody. There will be armageddon in the supermarkets... http://game-era.com/preview/id/10
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Heheheh^^; [09 Jul 2005|03:52am]

[ mood | so so so lost ]

well i am a giant fan of japan and japanese culture, and i always remember being so^^.i looked and thought this place seemed welcoming^^ anyways, if anyone wants to say hi, everyone is welcome:)plus i would really appreciate someone helping with my japanese X.X, thanks bye bye *waves*

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Need your help with this symbol [16 May 2005|04:21am]

I apologize if this is an off top.
I really need an opinion of native Japanese speakers.

We are designing a logo for a Ukrainian company that does business in distribution of mobile and cellular phones.

One of the better sketches has a somewhat Japanese style to it.
Could you please let us know, if it looks like one of the existing hieroglyphs, and if it does, what does it mean.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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I Am New Here [05 May 2005|04:18pm]


I am not Asian but I joined this group because I am fascinated with Japanese culture, movies, music, etc. I hope to make some friends here and learn new things. As soon as my schedule permits I am going to enroll in a Japanese language class so I can learn to speak Japanese.

Doozo yoroshiku. :)
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[18 Apr 2005|09:10pm]
Lately, it has been found out that the hide museum in Yokosuka, Japan, the place that has been built, and dedicated to hide's memory, is shutting down on September the 25th, 2005.
This is an absolute disgrace. The hide museum was built to remember him, and is a place where it has been told that the mans beautiful soul still lies. It is full to the brim of personal possessions he left, such as schoolwork, and drawings, and even his video collections, even a comb with strands of his hair on it, still lie as tribute to the mans memory. Every year thousands of fans do fund raising events there, to support the charities he supported in his life.
An official petition has been formed appealing against the decision to close this piece of Japan's history and ode to the most talented rock star to come from Japan. Please, please, please show your support by signing the petition on the link below, and please don't let them take hide away from us a second time. Thank you.

save the hide museum

X posted a few places.
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hajimemashite [29 Nov 2004|09:45pm]

konbanwa.... watashi no namae wa Kenny desu.... sorry.... hello everyone.... just joined so... konbanwa... pardon me but I thought Ongaku was music.. is Onpu a specific type of music...

jya ne,
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hey [02 Nov 2004|09:21pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Hi everyone i just joined this community that i saw was on the completely japan one. I have to say love the bg!! it's sexy! I would like to have one miyavi to go!! <333 lol

mmm..I'm asian =D and i'm 16 years old i'll be 17 soon. O yeah i'm chinese to be more exact, born in america but i know mandarin and wanting to learn japanese and cantonese. Don't have a pic of myself...it's to scary to show. But yeah... w00t w00t!!

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Hmmm... [02 Nov 2004|12:32pm]

Well, Sweet Jesus.

I realised I have no idea how to get people to come to my community! XD ^.^
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I just join! ^o^ [01 Nov 2004|02:37am]

[ mood | amused ]

My name is Zaka Mono ne I'm a half Japanese+Thai ^__^

I found this community is interesting so ^o^ nnice to ba da member here

I have something to announce too*bow*

I just open a new community please kindly join if you don't mind ne~..^__^

 ♥ kera love ♥

♥ For those who love japanese street fashion style ,cosplay fashion,J-Rock and punk style as in Kera,Zipper and Cure magazine.
♥ You don't have to dress like a rainbow or candies to be in this comunity(hey..no offense ne~..^^;).Just dress up your own style and show us how it's rock! ^__^.
♥ I don't mind if you wanna show stuffs in your shopping bag.If you bought anything rock! show us! as long as they are just accessories...but if you bought clothes...you gotta put them on and pose!
♥ I don't mind da pictures of your upper part not whole body as long as it's not just your face.
♥ You can ask any question about j fashion or ask for friend's help

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For those invited ^.^ [31 Oct 2004|02:14am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Konnichiwa! This is Rei the creator of Completely Japan. Seeing as how that community was abandoned in a whirlwind of personal issues, I am setting up shop here! (meaning I am moving and improving the community!)

I am looking to keep this place fun and active, new members will help with that ^.~

I can't wait for you to join ^.^

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1st post! [26 Oct 2004|01:39am]

[ mood | Community Spirit!!! ]

Welcome to Konayuki Onpu!

Konayuki Onpu is a community based on Japanese Music and Pop Culture.

Soon I hope to have a thriving community with discussions on J-Rock, J-Pop, Japanese Fashion, Funny Pop Culture Items and whatever else anyone wants to discuss.

The community will also serve as an MP3 rotation and I will post new MP3s every week or two weeks!

I hope you decide to join! Can't wait!

Rei [ Terrible_Lie_ ]

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